Stages of Care

It is important to understand the stages of care involved with your treatment, since chiropractic care is directed towards addressing the physiological, biomechanical, and chemical imbalances in the body. The time to reverse and correct these problems fully may be straight-forward or lengthy depending on your condition. Ultimately, you get to decide how long you want to benefit from chiropractic treatment.

Relief Care

painThis is the first phase of care that involves reducing and/or eliminating your pain. You may be asked to return for a few visits until your symptoms stabilize. If there is little or no response to treatment during this phase, you may be referred to another healthcare provider or for additional diagnostic testing.

Rehabilitative Care

Once your condition is stabilized, treatment is focused on correcting the underlying injury or cause of discomfort. This usually involves strengthening weak muscles, exercising stiff joints, and lengthening short ligaments/tendons, in addition to normalizing spinal function. Many patients who stop therapy at this stage may experience frequent relapses in their symptoms, since the original problem is never fully resolved. In essence, this is the most important stage of chiropractic care that may take the longest time to achieve the necessary results.

Wellness Care

stretchingOnce you achieve your desired level of health, a personalized wellness program will be designed for you that incorporates good nutrition, exercise, and spinal health. Through maintenance care, you will be able to preserve normal joint, muscle, and nerve function while preventing new problems from developing. This is crucial since we continue to place stresses on our bodies through our daily activities. Furthermore, wellness care is fundamental in slowing down the degenerative changes that occur in our bodies during the normal aging process.

Remember, how you choose to benefit from chiropractic care is always left to you!